About Us

Connected Lane County, formerly known as the Educational Partnership, is a local coalition of school districts, institutions of public higher education, the local workforce board, industry innovators, and early childhood partners created as Lane County’s regional achievement collaborative. At the encouragement of Lane Community College’s President Mary Spilde, leaders first came together in Spring 2010 to share information, increase cooperation and support Lane County students in their education transitions.


Through the work of our partnership, we promise to create pathways for all students to enter kindergarten ready to learn, and we promise to create pathways for all students to be prepared for higher education or careers, so that the next generation will have success in their lives and help our community thrive.  We promise to build our programs and work utilizing an equity lens that ensures cultural appropriateness.


Heidi Larwick, MA, Director

Matt Hayes, Data and Evaluation Coordinator

Michelle Martin, Program Assistant

Erin Maloney, Project Coordinator


Connected Lane County Executive Steering Committee:  Comprised of the leaders of the Connected Lane County partner organizations, this group meets monthly to provide direction and set priorities.

Connected Lane County Governance Committee: This group coordinates efforts to ensure shared movement and progress toward achieving the vision of Connected Lane County.

Data Collaborative: This group develops the capacity to report history, collect data to inform strategy initiatives, and shares data related to student performance in Lane County across all sectors.

Connected Lane County Bridge Groups: These committees focus on a specific area of transition in the life of a student.

  • Early Childhood (Ages P-8)
  • Elementary to Middle School (Ages 6-14)
  • Middle to High School (Ages 12-18)
  • College and Career Ready (Ages 16-22)

For more information, email info@connectedlanecounty.org